What should I consider?

        "I believe there are a lot of things you should take into consideration when visiting a church. There is a great book by Mark Dever called ‘Nine Marks of A Healthy Church;’ I think his ‘nine marks’ would be a good starting point. Faith Family holds firmly to both the inerrancy of Scripture and to a Biblical theology. We preach God’s Word expositionally.
        When considering a church you want to primarily look for its theology and doctrinal statement. Those are going to help you better understand if the church is one for your consideration. Your decision ought to be based on their understanding and belief about Scripture. Do they believe in the inerrancy of Scripture? Do they believe that Scripture is sufficient for all of life and for godliness? If so, this conviction will bleed over into all of their teachings from the pulpit all the way down into the preschool ministry."

In the video above, Lead Pastor Marcus Allen mentions Mark Dever and the ministry of 9Marks. To learn more you can visit www.9marks.org.