What are LifeGroups? LifeGroups are small group bible studies that meet in the homes of FFBC members. These groups provide our members the opportunity to gather with other believers for fellowship, prayer, and discussion around truths from God's Word.

Who are LifeGroups for? LifeGroups are for members of all life stages at Faith Family. Our groups are multi-generational, which means they are made up of singles, young adults, students, married couples, and senior adults. If you are not yet a member at FFBC, you are encouraged to join one of our other small group opportunties available to you on campus or sign up for the next Membership Matters Class.

What benefits are there in LifeGroups? The home atmosphere makes LifeGroups a great place to get to know other believers and can be foundational for the building up of life long relationships centered around the gospel. The deeper studies into sermon applications allows the sufficiency of God's Word to be revealed and cultivated in the lives of our church family.

How are LifeGroups different than Sunday Morning Bible Study? Sunday morning bible study classes are continuous: you can jump in anytime and they do not have an end during our teaching cycle. LifeGroups are for FFBC members who commit to one another for one calendar year and meet for various 6-8 week sessions. These sessions have start and end points where new members can join exisiting groups or new groups can be formed.  Sunday morning bible study classes are also "open groups". This is where we encourage vistors to attend while learning truth with others at Faith Family. Our LifeGroups operate in a spirit of trust and commitment and therefore are "closed groups" to individuals who have committed to Faith Family through membership.

How many people are in a LifeGroup? LifeGroups consists of 8-12 people. Groups that grow in size are encouraged to carry out our mission and multiply to form new groups in new locations across our area.

When do LifeGroups meet? LifeGroups meet weekly for the duration of each session. For more specific information on our current session see below.

Upcoming LifeGroup Session: Summer 2023 August 6-September 10

Day/Time: Location: Facilitator(s) Childcare:

MON, 6:30pm

Kingwood (Elm Grove) Don Gutjahr Yes

TUE, 6:30pm

Kingwood (Kings Manor) Steve Lovely Yes
SUN, 6:30pm New Caney (Porters Mill) Cordell Lindsay


SUN, 6:30pm Kingwood (Kings Manor) Ryan Renfrow


For more information about LifeGroups at FFBC contact Pastor Ryan at rrenfrow@faithfbc.org