Listen to Lead Pastor Marcus Allen answer this often-asked question about the "type" of church we are at Faith Family. For a list of songs we frequently sing in worship, look for our "Faith Family Worship" playlist on Spotify.

I think that question is getting harder and harder to answer because the definition of "contemporary" is so widespread. And so let me answer it this way: we don't strive to be a contetempoary church. We don't strive to be a traditional church in our worship service.

We do have a praise team and a band. And so some would say then, "You are a Contemporary Church"

I don't know that that necessarily makes us a contemporary church. But I would say that when we are thinking about songs that we sing. I think that really is the question that most people are asking. Am I going to get hymns or am I going to get contemporary worship?

We don't select songs based on whether they are a certain genre or not. And so you will get songs that we sing that would be considered traditional, and you will get songs that people would consider contemporary. 

So really, the way that we order our worship and even select songs has nothing to do with the genre of the song. But it has to do with - is it pointing us as individuals and then as a corporate body to Christ, to God, to think about him, to worship Him.

So it isn't whether it's a hymn or whether it's a praise and worship song. It's [a matter of] does that song direct us to worship God. If it does, then it's considered. If it doesn't, then it may be a great song that would play on the radio or even in our home, but it may not be best for corporate worship.

And really the same thing carries over into our dress. We have men and women who come in suits, and we have men and women who come in jeans and we have many women in the summer who come in shorts. As long as the dress is not distracting from worship, we don't have a dress code. We don't have an expectation. We just really want people to come and be focused on Christ and focus for an hour on worshiping the God that they love.