Faith Family believes that prayer impacts all of life. Through prayer we express our dependency on God and our faith that He is the only one who can and will accomplish His will for our good and His glory in every circumstance of life.

Rhythms of Prayer at FFBC:

SUNDAY MORNINGS in the Discipleship Room
8:15am - This small group prayer time is specifically designated to pray for our on-campus Sunday morning activities.

SUNDAY MORNINGS in the Auditorium
10:30am - We practice robust Biblical worship that follows a pattern of revelation, recognition and response on Sunday Mornings. In our attempts to "feast" on the gospel each time we gather, we follow a liturgy of singing truths, congregational scripture reading and multiple prayers during our service. Our times of prayer include:

Call to Worship a prayer for our focus, affections and attentions to be turned to the reason of our gathering together: the true and right worship of our God.

Pastoral Prayer a prayer of adoration, confession, and intercession. At Faith Family some of who we intercede on behalf of include: certain specific needs among members, the lost in our midst, local and national government leaders, school administrators, bosses of our members and those who run businesses, new neighborhoods, hospital workers and health care professionals, first responders going on duty/coming off duty, pastors and congregations of like-mind and practice, missions partners, and any particulars related to current global events.

Prayer of Preparation a prayer of petition before the preaching of God's Word, may include a confession but will also have an element of prayer for illumination.

Prayer of Response several moments of silent reflection for personal response to the preached Word.

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS in the Auditorium
6:30pm - Our Mid-Week Gatherings is a concentrated time of petition and praise. We come together to make specific and measurable requests as we seek God's Will for our church family. This includes a time of reflection, scripture reading, as well as individual and small group prayer.