The Student Ministry of FFBC knows that a huge part of discipleship happens in the home. Parents, for better or worse, have a profound influence on the lives of their teenagers. How a young person thinks and acts is shaped and modeled by his or her home life. This means that a crumbling foundation of faith among teenagers is as much an issue for parents as it is for the church. To make mature disciples out of the next and ever-drifting generation, parents and the church must join together like never before.  This is why FFStudents is commited to:

  • Biblical, Family-Focused Discipleship (Deut. 6:4-7, Eph. 6:4)
  • Cooperation not competition between student ministry leaders and parents
  • G.U.T.T. Checks - Parents should expect and encourage pastoral counsel and soul care for their teen from all of our student ministry leaders. We aren't afraid of hard, honest, conversations about a student's heart. But we also promise to always enter into those spaces with a spirit of Grace, Unity, Truth, and Trust.
  • Equipping Parents for Kingdom-Living in a Post-Christian Culture

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