Following is a revised excerpt from Pastor Marcus' October 18 sermon.  To hear the full sermon Click Here.

In two days Houston will be voting on the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance or Proposition 1.  No matter what some guy in a white collar says on TV, this ordinance is not biblical nor is it loving.  And regardless of your beliefs, this ordinance is not beneficial for the great majority of Houstonians.  Any law that encourages men into intimate settings with women and girls without their consent is an invasion of their privacy and a threat to the safety they expect.  The safety and privacy of your wives, daughters, grand-daughters, and nieces should not be on the negotiating table or the ballot.  Further, this law picks free speech winners and losers, and allows government to punish citizens who disagree.  As Christians we will not agree with everyone’s opinion.    But we certainly would agree that every Houstonian’s freedom to express their opinion should be protected, not punished.  This law empowers the government to censor and punish Houstonians who peacefully live according to their deeply-held beliefs.  If you are a business owner and do not comply with this law, even if it is because of religious conviction, you will be punished.  Our government was formed to be freedom’s greatest protector, not its greatest threat. 

So my question is “How in the world did we get here”?    Who would have imagined even 5-6 years ago we would be voting on whether men, who self identify as women, would be allowed in the restrooms with little girls?  But be careful when you answer that question.  Because we tend to point the finger at a political party or at the LBGT community we are prone to miss the bigger problem.  Now certainly they bear some of the responsibility but that is not where the weight of the responsibility belongs.  The weight of the responsibility belongs on us.  The compromise of those who claim to follow Christ has by in large allowed us to arrive at this point.

In general, those who claim to follow Christ in America consistently compromise biblical truth in the public arena.  American Christians in general only live in accordance to biblical truths if it doesn’t cost them.  So we come into church and proclaim that Christ transforms us to the very core but there is absolutely no difference between our lives and that of the world.  The divorce rate among Christians is the same as the world.  So, in essence, we have stated that God’s word on marriage can be ignored.  Giving as a percentage of income is on the decline and has been for some time in the church.  So in essence we have said that God’s word on money can be ignored.  The statistics on the viewing of pornographic material is really not that different in the church than outside of the church in both males and females and it’s rising.  In essence we have said that God’s word about purity can be ignored.  We have continued to compromise in area after area, ignoring God’s word to such an extent that the world is ignoring us.  Jesus said that there is no use for salt that has lost its saltiness.  I think we are witnessing the loss of our saltiness.  The world has not marginalized Christians.  Christians have marginalized themselves through the compromise of biblical truth in their lives.

But I want to give you a more specific example as well.  Do you know that in Houston’s last two voting cycles there has been only a 9% or less turn out?  This is important because as much as we want to blame Mayor Parker for this issue, it should be no surprise that when Christians compromise by voting for candidates who do not uphold biblical truth or by not voting at all, that we reap the consequences of that compromise.  Over the last 5 months Mayor Parker has shown how dangerous the power of the sword can be when it’s in the hands of someone who refuses to respect the citizens’ opinions, their right to vote, and make decisions themselves.  When Mayor Parker demanded Houston pastors’ sermons and private communications, she showed she had little regard for free speech, freedom of religion, and privacy rights of citizens.  As Christians, we can no longer compromise on our responsibility to vote and to vote in accordance with biblical truth.  So take up your biblical responsibility as a Christian and vote in a manner that upholds biblical truth.  This means if HERO is on your ballot then take up your biblical responsibility and vote NO.  This also means vote for candidates who hold most closely to biblical truths or commit to uphold truths that are most biblical.  Take up your responsibility and find out where candidates stand and what they stand for.  I pray that Christians will turn out in mass numbers to vote.  And I pray they will vote in a manner worthy of the gospel to the glory of God.


For His Glory,

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