How did Christians respond to the three great heresies of the early church? The fight for orthodoxy among the early church fathers was a fight to defend the truths of the gospel. Join us as we equip ourselves to study very well, in order to stand very strong, in a gospel-centered worldview.

3 Day Apologetics Conference for Area Youth and Adult Leaders. August 11-13, 2017

Speaker: Dr.Stephen Presley - Associate Professor of Church History, Director of the Southwestern Center for Early Christian Studies

Student Registration (6th-12th): $12.00
Adult Registration (18+): $15.00

Registration includes: (3) Keynote Sessions, Breakouts, and Meals. Evangelism and Apologetic Resources available all weekend.

Friday Night: The crazy Gnostics and the Christian view of God.

Saturday Morning: Engaging Arius and why Christ is more than just a really good guy.

Saturday Afternoon: Nestorius, Apollinaris, Eutyches, three dudes with three really bad views of Jesus.

More details to be announced. Look for Faith Family Students on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Registration Closed

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